Metallic Expansion Joints

Manufactured to EJMA Standard 9th Edition..

Non-Metallic Expansion Joints

To Standard FSA (USA) 4th Edition & ESA....

Rubber Expansion Joints

Manufactured to Standard FSA 7.3 Edition....

SS Corrugated

Manufactured to Standard BS 6501 I....
RM Applied Engineers was established in the year 1994, primarily as a marketing division, to market rotary twin lobe compressors and other industrial products such as expansion joints and hoses.

RM Applied Engineers is known for manufacturing innovative and tailor made Hoses and expansion joints for long lasting performance by using application skill. With over a decade of our industrial experience on loading and unloading of bulk material and fluid handling, we have come up with a new generation Composite hose which are manufactured FIRST TIME IN INDIA.

RM Applied is the only company manufacturing all range of hoses and expansion joints under one roof. With over a decade of our process industry experience, we offer latest technology in flexible connections available any where in the world.
Our detail application engineering on every need provides cost effective, reliable and long lasting quality product to our valued customers.

Loyal Customers!

Some of our esteemed clients

Application Industry

    • Expansion Joints (MEJ, NMEJ, REJ)
      • Handling Gases of BF, Convertor, Coakoven, Mixed & Corex Gas
      • High Pressure Expansion Joints for pump house at BF, SMS (BOF, EAF & CCP), HSM, CRM, WRM, PP, SP etc.
    • Fabricated bellows Cement Plant
    • Fabricated bellows Fertilizer Plant
    • Flue Gas Applications
    • Critical Converter Gas Application
    • Axial Bellow in Gas Holder